Answers to frequently asked





Show me the money!

You will get paid via a standing order to your UK bank account every month in advance. Simple.


Refurbishment Costs

Should there be a need, we will carry out a light refurbishment of the property. This cost is completely absorbed by us, to ensure we meet the high standards desired by our professional tenants. Should there be larger maintenance work required, we can assist you in completing these works by sourcing quality, fair priced tradesmen at your disposal. 


Will my property be damaged/what’s the risk of multiple sharers?

We have a 100% return rate with complete approval from past landlords. Many properties are returned in better condition than when we initially took hold. This is due to a number of factors; professionally vetted tenants, weekly cleaners and random spot checks of the property. We also look after all minor maintenance issues, at our own cost. You are welcome to visit the property at any time, just allow two days’ notice so that we can advise our tenants.


But what IF something gets damaged…?

We take full responsibly to ensure any damage is repaired immediately, we then charge the tenant where applicable. You will never incur the costs. As the landlord you will only be responsible for standard maintenance i.e. boiler, radiators, gas safety checks, PAT tests etc. But rest assured, we will manage all the paperwork and hassle for you. 


What about Gas + Electric Safety Certificates? Insurance?

Inclusive in our management service, we maintain and coordinate all legally required documentation for the property. This includes Health and Safety obligations and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. We ensure that all legislation is met and preserved. You will be billed for these small provider costs on an annual basis, however we will not charge for any works carried out by us. 



As we are on a long-term fixed contract, we do not pay a deposit to you. We do secure deposits from each tenant which is registered with the Deposit Protection Service for the duration of their stay, to safeguard against damage to the property. This is a legal requirement which protects all parties. Standard allowances should be made for the property at the start of the tenure and for fair wear and tear during the tenancy.



No voids, No fees...

No worries


Property Solutions

So long, farewell, au wiedersehen, goodbye...

Circumstances change, we get that. Should you need to terminate the tenancy we ask for six months written notice to ensure a smooth transition for our tenants.




Under government regulations you must be on the correct mortgage tariff which allows ‘Consent to Let’. If this is not currently the case, it is a simple status change with your lender. We ask you to sign a warranty in our contract to confirm mortgage suitability.


Home Insurance 

We provide public liability insurance for the property and encourage tenants to secure private contents insurance. As a registered landlord you are responsible for building insurance. A residential insurance will not be adequate and you will need either a buy to let policy or a specialist HMO policy. We are always available to advise and guide you through should you need a hand.